Accelerate the deployment of secure, scalable, and cost-efficient Kubernetes environments

Empower DevOps and Developers to effortlessly provision, manage, and operate truly agnostic Kubernetes environments. Experience rapid, on-demand resource access, precisely when and where they're needed, streamlining workflows and accelerating innovation.



Audit and security





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No more infra chaos.

Provisioning infrastructure should be easy. Ankra allows you to instantly deploy resources on-demand. It's production ready Kubernetes in minutes.


With proactive insights and easy-to-manage configurations. Benefit from the automation framework that ensures smooth operation without the need for constant developer oversight.


Everything that gets set up through Ankra is owned fully by you, with your favorite cloud or on your servers.

What Our Customers Think

  • Senior Developer


    ”With Ankra, getting your cluster up and running is a matter of minutes, allowing you to start deploying your code right away – a process that usually takes hundreds of engineering hours. Real time saver!”

  • Senior SRE

    Ministry of Programming

    As an SRE working across multiple projects, I spend a lot of time helping developers with repetitive tasks. With a platform like Ankra, developers can do many of these tasks themselves, giving me and my team more time to spend on higher value tasks.

  • Lukas

    Dev Flame Engine

    As an app and game developer I have always wished that I could put more focus on writing the actual code in my projects, and not spend time setting up and maintaining the infrastructure for the servers. Ankra solves this absolutely beautifully! With an intuitive user interface for the setup and no maintenance work for me I'm finally free to do what I love the most; write code.

Rapidly deploy all-cover infra in a matter of minutes!

Ankra provides a platform with the framework to design your applications lifecycle and integrate the application seemlessly with your existing infrastructure or generated at a click of the button.

Discover how the Ankra Platform works and how you can use it to create your own infrastructure.