Empower DevOps and Developers to create stable, secure and cost efficient environments in minutes.
The Ankra platform takes care of Kubernetes and required tooling, allowing you to integrate and optimise your applications effortlessly.

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 Fail-Safe Infrastructure Guaranteed Stability

Create a fail-safe scalable infrastructure that enables smooth deployment without adding operational overhead


 Immediate Impact On Time To Market And Cost

By uniting your stack within Ankra, your developers will move faster while you maintain ownership, visibility and standards at scale.


 Your Journey With Ankra

By uniting your stack within Ankra, your developers will move faster while you maintain ownership, visibility and standards at scale.


Enjoy The Power of Flexibility.

Gain a competitive edge with Ankra, the most powerful solution for Kubernetes provisioning and orchestration. Our platform empowers you to effortlessly provision production-grade Kubernetes environments without requiring years of experience.

Ankra's environments are not only robust but also cloud-agnostic. This means that whether you're using AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, or any other provider, your Kubernetes environments will look and operate the same way. This uniformity ensures consistency, simplifies management, and enhances flexibility across your cloud infrastructure.


Your Imagination Sets The Boundaries.

Unlock the full potential of your cloud infrastructure with our extensive library, designed to streamline and optimise the creation and management of your environments. Whether you're starting from scratch or enhancing your existing setup, our resources support seamless integration and continuous improvement.

Why Our Library Stands Out

Learning what works at each stage of an organisation's journey takes years of experience and hard work. That's why our expertly crafted templates and configurations are designed to enhance deployment efficiency, improve scalability, and boost overall performance, tailored to meet the needs of organisations at every stage of their growth.


All in one place.
Make the right decisions.

The tools and service you choose to use in your organisation is not one to take lightly. Ankra super charges your ability to evaluate and understand the available options at your disposal. Install, configure, integrate, upgrade at fraction of the time using traditional methods.

Already made the decisions?

With Ankra you don't have to replace the tools and services you are using. Instead, Ankra can take over the responsibility of maintenance and enable integrations to the rest of the infrastructure.



Your Success Is Our Success.

Whether your team is full of seasoned DevOps professionals or just starting out, we provide the support you need to achieve your goals.

At Ankra, we believe that exceptional support is the backbone of your success. Our dedicated team is available to ensure that you have the assistance you need, whenever you need it. From troubleshooting to strategic advice, we are committed to being your reliable partner every step of the way.

Expert Assistance
Our team of experienced professionals is always ready to help you tackle any challenge, big or small.
Tailored Solutions
We understand that every business is unique. That's why we provide customised solutions that align with your specific needs and objectives.
Continuous Improvement
We are dedicated to constantly enhancing the service we deliver, that's why we provide regular check-ins and workshops to analyse ways of improving your environments.


Join a community of forward-thinking companies transforming their digital landscape

With Ankra, getting your cluster up and running is a matter of minutes, allowing you to start deploying your code right away – a process that usually takes hundreds of engineering hours. Real time saver!

Senior Developer


As an SRE working across multiple projects, I spend a lot of time helping developers with repetitive tasks. With a platform like Ankra, developers can do many of these tasks themselves, giving me and my team more time to spend on higher value tasks.

Senior SRE

Ministry of Programming

As an app and game developer I have always wished that I could put more focus on writing the actual code in my projects, and not spend time setting up and maintaining the infrastructure for the servers. Ankra solves this absolutely beautifully! With an intuitive user interface for the setup and no maintenance work for me I'm finally free to do what I love the most; write code.


Dev Flame Engine


Find answers to commonly asked questions

How do I know if Ankra is right for my organization?

You're striving to be a company where infrastructure on Kubernetes is an enabler instead of a blocker.

What responsibility does Ankra take?

Ankra manages your Kubernetes environments and the tools it deploys.
You focus on application deployment and integration.

How is Ankra different from a consultancy?

Ankra is a platform. Powered by code and people. Support comes by default.

Does Ankra vendor-lock me?

Everything deployed by Ankra is fully owned by you. The clusters that get deployed are completely agnostic and can run in any cloud or on-prem setup.

What happens if I disconnect from Ankra?

Your infrastructure stays intact where you have deployed it. You will become responsible for maintenance of the stack.

What is the tech powering Ankra?

At the core of the Ankra platform is proprietary technology built which natively and agnostically interacts with cloud providers, Kubernetes and infrastructure tools. This enables the platform to provide automation and maintenance without limits. We've taken the best practices from the industry and layered automation on top. To guarantee production grade, the Ankra platform tracks every configuration point and can provide lifecycle management with automatic remedy, tracking and configuration drift protection. We call it fail-safe cloud infrastructure.

How reliable is Ankra?

We take pride in rigorous battle-testing practices and can confidently say that Ankra delivers a shift in what it means to trust a service. We spin up thousands of clusters on a daily basis to ensure stability.

How does you pricing work?

We charge a fixed price with a base support model included. Not only do you get your infrastructure up fast, it's also significantly more cost efficient than building your own.


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